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What does it take to compete?

Children are selected to join South West London Diving's competitive squads by the head coach if they have the physical and mental attributes to be a competitive diver.

We are always looking for talented children who could be competitive divers. When looking for talent, we look for the "raw ingredients" to make a good diver, not necessarily their current diving abilities.


The traits we look for include:

  • Flexibility: good pike shape, splits, flexible shoulders and achilles

  • Springy jumps

  • Strength: strong core, arms and legs

  • Good toe point

  • Competent headstand and handstands

  • Coordination & control

  • Bravery & willingness to try new skills from high boards

  • Attention to detail and form

  • Ability to make changes to movements/dives from coaches' comments

Children with a background in competitive gymnastics, tumbling, trampolining and dance often have some of the traits to make successful competitive divers.

Additionally, selection into squads always depends on the availability of free spaces.

If you think your child has some or all of these attributes then sign up to one of our trials. 

We run trials every couple of months. If there aren't any currently open, please send us an email to get on our mailing list and be informed about future trial dates.


Finally, follow us on twitter @SWLondonDiving where we will announce any future events.

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