What should I bring to diving lessons?

Please arrive changed, ready to go and dressed in the following attire: Swimming costume or trunks/swim shorts Water-bottle/drink A towel A change of warm clothes for when you’re finished If your child has long hair, please ensure it is tied back for the lesson Goggles will NOT be needed. Diving in goggles is dangerous and we do not allow this for health and safety reasons. Children will not be required to swim long distances during the lessons.

What should parents do during and after diving lessons?

During lessons, parents may watch lessons from the upstairs seating area or relax in the cafe. After each lesson, parents can meet their child downstairs in the changing area if they wish. Parents should NOT go to the diving area during lessons. If you have questions or would like to speak with your child's coach, please email them to organise a time. Poolside coaches must remain focussed on the children in their care during lesson time and should not be approached by parents for discusssion at this time. We appreciate your understanding in this health & safety matter.

How will I know if a lesson has been cancelled?

In rare cases, we may have to cancel a lesson, for example if a coach is unwell or has issues with transportation. SWLD uses Twitter to make any such announcements. Follow us on Twitter @SWLondonDiving.


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